Perfect Player


One of most advanced IPTV player with many feature to customization. This IPTV player is developed based on m3u link . In order to add IPTV channels, you must add your own m3u playlists inside the settings section.

Perfect Player is available on Android and Microsoft Windows.

Price: This app is free with ads . To remove ads you need purchase the premium version .

Download Perfect player

This app available for android and windows  at this moment .

Android : Download from play store 

Install IPTV on Perfect Player

Time needed: 6 minutes.


      1. Select Settings. After the Application is downloaded on your device, open itOn the main menu, click on “Settings“.

    Add M3u link

    Navigate to General > Playlist
    Enter your m3u link in URL or File path section.

    Active Channels group

    For large playlists , its better to active group categories features .
    Navigate to Settings > GUI and  active  Show channels group as folders.

    Loading channels and VOD

    Now head back to the main screen and you will see that the channels and VOD are being updated and added to your perfect player.

    Playback Troubleshooting

    If you are facing playback issues, stuttering, buffering etc. Perfect Player enables you to select the type of decoder and change the buffer size. Under the playback settings, you can choose from different types of decoders.

    Auto is the best default decoder, HW+ is the second best, then Hardware, and if you have a slow connection, you can try SW. Buffer settings are pretty simple, you can choose 1 through 4, 1 being the smallest, and 4 the largest buffer size.


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